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Understanding Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Most if not many who finds it difficult to choose between a nursing home and an assisted living that you or your loved one would most benefits from,rest on the fact that these two are being conceived as one and another competing service. The think that there is competition on who gets the bigger market share and this is the one that drives them to offer the best package when it comes to price, quality, and the kinds of services that they provide. Even providers themselves have helped accommodate this prevalent confusion by seemingly offering the kind of service that is exclusively intended for a particular need. You can see this is how some nursing homes pride themselves of giving freedom and liberty to their patients which is their focus and bespoke care.

This difference does not exist if viewed from a physician’s perspective. A person is accepted in a nursing home if he has more needs when it comes to medical care and personal assistance and so less freedom is imposed but with a friendly type facility, a facility that is fully equipped to support that need. When it comes to supporting the needs of the patient, this also includes her mental state.

A person who goes to an assisted living facility is someone who does not really required great medical care yet he needs help In doing the regular tasks of life done by normal people. In this facility, patients have more independence of liberty.
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Another thing that has led to the confusion between these homes is the people are unable to define the difference between assisted living facility and home care service.
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When we speak of an assisted living facility, we speak of older adults living in a community that need little or no assistance or help to enjoy daily activities. Inside this type of facility consist of rooms that are either a studio type, or a 1 bedroom type apartment to encourage residents to mingle, partake in activities, and enjoy the amenities that are offered in the community. Some facilities also cater to drop-in patients who go to the facility for just a few hours and then they are picked up by their adult children where they are staying. It is very much similar to children’s day care where mothers drop their kids before work or when they have to do some activities and pick them up before they go home.

Home care services, on the other hand, are services rendered by a health care professional who visit the home of the elderly, assists her with her daily activities, for a few hours day. this is one on one care to help the elderly in daily tasks that he finds difficult to do by himself. In can be compared to a private nurse expect that the home care service aide has better capability to asset the elderly in his everyday tasks.

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