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Helpful Information About Collaborative Divorce in the State of California Filing for divorce is a difficult decision, whether or not the circumstances are relatively amicable; emotional pain is simply a part of this heartbreaking process. There are, though, several things you can do to make divorce less stressful, particularly if you and your ex-spouse are managing to see eye-to-eye on most aspects of your split. One of these options is known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce allows couples who are splitting up to avoid the court system as much as possible; many of these people never even have to set foot in a courtroom, as a matter of fact. Instead, the former spouses, their attorneys, and, in some cases, a family mediator, sit down together to determine how the divorce will be settled. As you likely figured out on your own, collaborative divorce is the most effective when ex husbands and wives get along well enough to sit down together without having a massive blow-up. The kind of divorce isn’t an option for people in every state, but in California it is. As you continue reading this guide, you will see helpful information about collaborative divorce in general and about the benefits to collaborative divorce. When you finish reading, you ought to know whether or not this kind of divorce will work in your personal situation. Best of luck to you as one chapter of your life closes and another begins.
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While any divorce lawyer who practices in California should have an understanding of collaborative divorce and how it works, not all of these professionals deal with it on a regular basis. It’s a good idea, however, to make sure your attorney does specialize in collaborative divorce if you want to go this route. Simply visit your preferred search engine to find collaborative divorce specialists in your part of California. Would I Like to Receive Child Support? If you and your ex are parents and you would like to be granted full custody of them, you should learn as much as possible in regard to child support laws in California; you can ask your legal counselor to assist you in this endeavor. During collaborative divorce proceedings, the most tense discussions tend to involve child support, unless the exes have put together a plan they both agree on in advance of the scheduled meetings. It bears noting that collaborative divorce can take some time, but in the end, it tends to be a positive experience overall. You can make it through this time of your life if you simply stay positive!

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