Learn About The Three Basic Types Of Computer Mouse

1) Mechanical: This is a type of computer mouse has a rubber or metal ball on the underside and it can roll in any direction. Sensors in the mouse, which are mechanical, detect the direction in which the ball is moving and moves the pointer on the screen in the same direction. A mouse pad should be used under the mouse to run on

2) microscopes. This type is the same as the mechanical mouse, except that it makes use of optical sensors for the movement of the ball. A mouse pad should be used under the mouse to run on

3) Optical :. This type uses a laser for detecting the movement of the mouse. You do not need a

mouse pad, but you can use one made for optical mice. Optical mice have no

mechanically moving parts. This type reacts faster and more accurate than the mechanical-mechanical mice and now that they price is fairly similar for a while have been around.

How to connect a computer mouse on the computer?

serial mouse: connect this directly to an RS-232C serial port or a PS / 2port. This is the simplest type of connection

PS / 2 mouse. Connected to a PS / 2 port.

USB mice

Wireless mouse: These are not physically connected to the computer. They rely to communicate infrared or radio waves to the computer. Wireless more expensive than both the serial bus and mouse. The nice thing is that there is no cable to limit or get in the way.

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