The Significance of Computers in Our Lives

2010; Humanity has come a long way since the first discovery of fire a few hundred thousand years ago. Fire used to be a necessity now the computer is a necessity for us because we use in our daily lives.

One way computers help us in our lives. We use the computer to communicate with people such as web conferencing with friends who are abroad, searching for information on a particular topic, have a chat on social networks like Facebook or even do something as simple as sending an e- mail or digital cards to friends and loved ones.

The computer has also managed to change us from reading hard copies of books, magazines and newspapers, reading online digital documents like online newspaper articles and e-books.

In education teachers are using PowerPoint to their lecture slides used during the lectures and the students are now able to download to their computers, the lecture slides and save them as read create documents.

In the workplace, paperwork is now slowly transforming manual printing and keeping documents to store documents in the computer. The problem with paperwork is that it takes a lot of space and an office has limited space. Moreover, going digital will help the environment because there is less demand for paper, resulting in fewer trees cut down to be made will be in the paper.

There are, however, some issues have been raised about digital documents. A digital document can be created and edited by anyone, so that this leads to the owner authentication problem. It is dangerous in the workplace, because anyone can edit a contract or agreement after it is signed and used it against the other party. Another problem if accidentally delete the document, it will be difficult to trace the perpetrator hard and reconstruct the document.

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