Computer and Technology Today

computer plays a vital role in people’s daily especially in the work place, schools and even at home. Twenty-first century is the age of so many technological advances designed to make people’s lives have been better. Computer helps them more efficient in their work

Computer technology in banking.

Technology has made our life easy and comfortable, for example, our banking needs. Earlier, people need to take the hand of the important elements of their clients. But now, in one click, they would be able to instantly find all the information of customers. Customers are able to know about the transactions of their account by logging on to the bank’s website. It is also possible to apply for loans through online

Improvements in computer technology.

Computer technology has improved far better than before our lifestyle. Due to the rise of the Internet and technology, the world has shrunk into a global village. Although advances in Internet creates new challenges such as computer problems and virus threats, computer technology, such as antivirus software easy to solve these problems made

Computer in the food .

The automation and computerization in food processing units will face many challenges if they are used near water catastrophic effects on any computer system. Most food processing units preferably waterproof computers to protect their computer systems from watering in the production area

Computer in the medical sector.

Hospital is an important organization and computers used to manage a hospital. Accounting, payroll and inventory system of the hospital are automated in recent days. We can the record of different drugs, to retain its distribution and use it in different departments etc. With the aid of the computer. Even the disease can be diagnosed by running the symptoms of a patient. Moreover, various automated devices used in laboratories for various blood tests, etc.

Computer in agriculture:.

Nowadays agricultural industry also uses computers . The analysis was made several years before shows that 44% of farmers in Ohio are using computers for various purposes. In 1991, only 32% of farmers were using. This shows that there is a significant increase of the farmers who with the aid of computers. If the Internet is the means of communication, most farmers use these technological advances to process transactions or to retrieve information. The analysis shows that of the total farmers who were surveyed, 80% of them use the Internet

Computers in education.

As a result of the globalization of education, so many challenges of the new trends. Whether to meet these challenges, information technology in education is very important. It is essential that the students familiar with the concept and the use of information technology to equip them to become the future labor market. Similarly, the faculty can achieve better quality in teaching methodology. Computer technology has numerous areas. The drastic development has a huge impact

made in almost all fields and leading to a new era.

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